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Join us on our journey

Experience our reviews of some of life's delights!

It started while sitting at the hotel bar drinking a refreshing ‘French 75’ cocktail on our first 'Girlie' adventure together!

We came up with this inspiring idea to take you along on this journey with us to discover countries, hotels, cafes, spas and more.

Our blog is different: you will read our experiences from 2 perspectives;

one from an adult and mother

and the other from

a teenage girl and daughter.

We connect the generations and offer inspiration and encouragement

to discover, explore and enjoy.

We hope you enjoy reading our adventures and that you to will explore these places for yourselves...

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Macaron Magic!

Mademosielle: What a fab way to spend a Thursday evening, decorating and eating Macaroons whilst also learning how to make a very tasty...

Welcome to the Holiday Inn Winchester

MADEMOISELLE Going to Winchester has really been a girlie weekend getaway; with successful shopping, a relaxing spa and coffee pitstops....

A tale of 2 Cities in 3 Days

MADEMOISELLE: Touch down in Warsaw, Poland and you can quickly catch on to imagining what it was like in the communist era, from the...


MADEMOISELLE: Didn’t like learning about Henry VIII in school? Well, SIX will change your mind. I knew it would be a musical, but I...

The Glory of Bath

MADAME: BATHE IN THE GLORY OF BATH – ENGLAND Set in the rolling Mendip Hills in the west of the UK, just 2hrs from London, sits the Roman...


MADAME One sunny Sunday afternoon we took a trip to the seaside…. to Brighton on the English south coast. Here the long stretch of pebble...


MADAME London is one of the world’s oldest and busiest capital cities in the world. With a history stretching back to Roman times...

Coffee with Nature

MADAME Transport yourself to a world of calm and nature while enjoying deliciously smooth coffee, enticing herbal teas and delicious...


MADEMOISELLE I’m sorry for the Shakespeare fans out there but Stratford-upon-Avon would be the last place I would want to visit, as...

PRETTY IN PINK - EL&N Cafe, London

MADAME EL&N: Eat, Love & Nourish … the PINK! What better way to spend an afternoon than taking afternoon tea in London! In pretty...

Where it all began - Vilnius, Lithuania

Walking through the gates that lead to the main entrance of the hotel, i picked up on an aroma that instantley made me feel welcomed and ...

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