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PRETTY IN PINK - EL&N Cafe, London

Updated: Feb 17, 2020


EL&N: Eat, Love & Nourish … the PINK!

What better way to spend an afternoon than taking afternoon tea in London! In pretty pink heaven, with love hearts, pink phones, pink bicycles, pink flowers and I am sure there were pink unicorns somewhere!

Welcome to EL&N. With a growing number of branches dotted across the city, we choose the Belgravia branch.

Its appeal begins as you walk towards the café with its spectacular decorations of big pink flowers clearly being the theme of the tea room. You can spot it a mile off as you walk up the road, which adds to the excitement!

We choose to sit downstairs in amongst the walls of flowers and sumptuous pink interiors.

With a stylish menu full of interesting drinks and pastries, we waited in anticipation to be wowed!

Having been shown to our table, it took ages for it to be cleared away, for menus to arrive and to be served.

Although not the best service, the decoration made up for it and with many photo opportunities in the decadent cosy flower nook with mirrored ceiling adding to the blast of flowers and pink!

For something totally different, try the Blue Sapphire Latte (Crushed sapphire, blue flower petals, condensed milk & matcha). An acquired taste and there is something not quite right about drinking a blue drink!

However, the fabulous smooth normal latte combined with a really sticky chocolate brownie were wonderful! The Acai Bowl was beautifully presented and fresh.

Highlight; the most pink place I have ever been – don’t miss it!


Don’t know where to have a Birthday treat? EL&N is the place to have a pinky, girls outing/gathering!

There are many EL&N cafes spread across London and they are all beautiful and photogenic; flowers inside and out with neon signs. The food and cakes available reflect the design of the cafe with its pastel colours and modern, marble furniture/accessories. It’s like Barbie’s dream cafe instead of a house!

We were shown to a table, that disappointedly wasn’t cleared away and took a while for one of the staff to clear it away and give us some menus. The service was very slow and again took some time for what we ordered to arrive, and it wasn’t like it was very busy at all! A group of people who came in after us, got their order before us which was very annoying.


I ordered an Açai bowl and a sapphire latte. The açai bowl was delicious and the sapphire latte definitely had an unusual taste - I had a love/hate relationship with it. I’m glad I tried it because I never before tried something quite like it.

Even the food and drink was worth taking photos of, and you could clearly tell that they put effort into displaying your food to make it irresistible, although that can be bad because then you don’t want to mess up the lovely decorations and you end up eating it very carefully.

It is one of many cafes in London that have the reputation of being instagram worthy and I agree.

As one of their neon signs says ‘Adventure awaits but first coffee’ is for sure one that resonates with us all and I can guarantee that, that is what EL&N provides - Adventure in their choices of foods but always having the basic and sustenance of coffee!

August 2019

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