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Coffee with Nature


Transport yourself to a world of calm and nature while enjoying deliciously smooth coffee, enticing herbal teas and delicious cakes and sandwiches.

This is the Bridge & Hill Living Store, located in Richmond upon Thames. An intriguing mix of café and shop selling chic Japanese crockery in beautiful shades of nature, elegant glassware and ceramics, as well as a stunning collection of bonsai trees in terrarium jars, bottles and vases.

With clean crisp lines, the shop and café; which is doing so well it will be adding more seating, offers a colourful range of snacks including gluten free cakes, of which the Orange and Poppyseed cake made with almond flour, was really delicious, light and fluffy, with just a hint of almond. The smooth beautifully decorated latte was served in the Japanese crockery which is on sale in the shop and the café seating is also on sale in the store.

There is an additional basement showroom of furniture of high quality contemporary wooden desks, bookcases and chairs and sofas to browse through. The simple Japanese lines mixed with warm wood make for desirable additions to your home!

With scarves, knick-knack bowls, scented candles and (MALIN+GOETZ) beauty products all made with natural ingredients there are products for every pocket and beautifully made.

This is a unique concept and new to Richmond and well worth a visit.


This cafe, located on Richmond Hill, is unique and very different from any other ordinary coffee shop.

One half of the cafe is a shop and the other half is a cafe. The shop sells simple but lovely cutlery, and is surrounded by small beautiful plants; there is also a downstairs for the shop which sells wooden, modern furniture that attracts the eye. Personally, I could have very easily bought a few things from the shop.

In addition, the idea of having plants in the shop helps connect the coffee shop and shop together. It also has a natural feeling to it which almost brings comfort and you can enjoy your coffee more. Personally I am not very connected with nature and don’t really like the outdoors but this shop doesn’t make you feel like you are outside, for me it feels like your in a Japanese retreat with the the smell and type of plants they have displayed.

The cafe, although small and not a lot of seating (but they will soon be expanding), has a very welcoming atmosphere, and they have a variety of choices from vegan and gluten free desserts to vegan sandwiches and tasty salads; suitable for everyone.

I had a mocha which was delicious and very smooth, presented in a lovely cup and pretty design on top which made me not want to drink it but I’m glad I did as it was worth while. I also had a croissant which paired nicely with my mocha.

Furthermore, I have to say I was very pleased with the toilets, because they were very clean and in my opinion, often then not coffee shop toilets are not clean!

I would highly recommend the bridge and hill living store for anyone who is looking for a place that sells natural products and tasty treats!

February 2020

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