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Updated: Nov 15, 2020


As a weekday summer treat, we headed for a light lunch at a tiny creperie in South West London’s chic town of Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey.

La Creperie Cinq Maison is located in Brewers Lane, a very narrow cobbled lane in the centre of town. The lane offers a unique collection of small shops all with enticing windows.

The extensive menu offered at La Creperie Cinq Maison certainly makes up for the smallness of shop! A fabulosu choice of sweet and savoury crepe as well as waffles on a stick; how can you refuse!

With a rustic French feel, the chalk board menu and wall mural add to the authentic charm.

After much deliberation, our pancakes arrived! The super thin crepes made with a homemade batter recipe were substantial in size and tasted fabulous.

My caramelised apple and cinnamon crepe was delicious and so too was the latte.

I can highly recommend this small jewel in the heart of Richmond. Make sure you enjoy the rest of the town including the riverside, and Richmond Green, where King Henry VIII used to joust!


If you feel like you want to go to France and eat true, delicious crepes but can’t actually fly to France then just take a trip to Richmond, down Brewers Lane where you will find ‘La Creperie Cinq Maison’.

This tiny cafe in one of Richmond’s small alleyways services a variety of sweet and savoury crepes as well as waffles on a stick and a range of hot and cold drinks.

It was very hard to choose what to order but in the end I opted for savoury crepes with feta, sun dried tomatoes and spinach as well as an orange sanpellingrino.

It was very tasty as I could tasty every ingredient and the flavours blended very well together and the crepes added something extra and different to the flavours. If you want/feel like having a light lunch then having crepes is a great option!

I enjoyed it very much as the environment was very cute as it’s small but you also get a Paris vibe! I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a light, quick lunch but want something different then from a franchise cafe.

Furthermore, Richmond as a whole is a place to visit with its green and amazing options of fashion shops and restaraunts, cafes and bakeries etc.

August 2020

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